Cthulhu and the Gun Lords of Terra

Comic 13 - Just made it angry!

Just made it angry!
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25th Aug 2019, 5:20 PM
Looks like his ray-gun blast, while impressive, didn't have the intended result. It is now angry, although a bit more crispy.

Maybe it's time for plan B. . . .


Plan B. Run for shelter?

Plan C...
Kiss your ass goodbye..

14th May 2018, 12:55 PM edit delete reply

Both those things sound about right.

15th May 2018, 2:02 AM edit delete reply

Shouldn't that be Plan Wasp? (Couldn't resist.)

I shouldn't be surprised if the blood is toxic, or corrosive... or capable of turning him into something horrific...

14th May 2018, 10:37 PM edit delete reply

Hmmm. . . Just remember "horrific" is a relative term. For example, to a xenomorph it is entirely possible that humans are quite horrific. On the other hand, it is probably NOT a good idea to assume that they are just scared of you as you are of them.

15th May 2018, 2:07 AM edit delete reply

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