Cthulhu and the Gun Lords of Terra

Comic 63 - We like a few cracks in our glass walls!

We like a few cracks in our glass walls!
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25th Aug 2019, 5:20 PM
We made it to page 63 and that means next page will be. . . 64

I hope that you are all having good weekends.

Sorry about the delays in posting here. There are things to do on other fronts, including working on the game. . . .

I've put Kendrick into the game, and I also have my first monster (which is an eye-ball-sphere thing. And, there is actually a story behind that. Many years ago, in the first game I created, the very first monster I ever put in was an eye-sphere. So now it is a kind of a tradition with me. The first monster I add when I make a game will always be an eye-ball-sphere. Anyway, on that note, here are a couple of screenshots. ScreenShot1 and ScreenShot2. Right now I'm using t-pose models, but I should have animation stuff working soon enough.


I like the details and the dramatic lighting in your video game. I made a few sprite based games on my Commodore 64 back in the day.

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Thanks! The lighting is one of the things I've been specifically working on.

BTW, I'd like to hear more about your games, if you care to talk about that subject.

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The average sprite was I think 8x8 pixels. Ha Ha, but you could combine them to create a bigger sprite. Then, you could animate your sprites just like an animated gif by simply tweaking pixels with each successive "sprite map" making it look like a dragon was flapping its wings for example.

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To move the sprite, I think the formula was something like x=x+j, where "j" was input from either the keyboard, like an arrow key, or a joystick, and "x" was one of the four directions the sprite could move, up,down, left, or right. Then the value for x was used in a "poke" command if I remember correctly which placed the sprite along either a horizontal, or vertical pixel on the screen. So if you pressed right on your arrow key, it kept adding "1" to the value of "x" and would make your sprite appear to move. It has been a long time so that is an ultra simple description with lots of missing info...

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The part i Never mastered was preventing my sprite from going through walls, and barriers. They would always come up to the wall, and sort of wiggle through it.. I could solve collision detection for when a projectile hit a monster and make it explode or die, but the walls were different for some reason.

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One of the games I created was a simple maze game with a tank that I called "Mazer", I never released it because I never finished it due to the wall problem. I was never a pro game designer anyway, but I was obsessed with wanting to make my own video game for a while.
I could make the tank launch an animated cannon ball that would appear to enlarge (as it rose up in the air), and then shrink (as it descended). It was accompanied by a cool dive bomber whistling sound "beeeeyooooowoop!"and then an explosion.
I gave the maze a monster that simply tried to match its x and y coordinates with yours and when it touched you, your tank would explode.
I remember I also had a treasure room filled with Zelda-like diamonds and rupies, and Gold Bars as a reward for getting past the monster.
It was tons of fun.
I still own a C64 and plan on one day making more video games on it again... that is, if I don't die from cardio-vascular disease first. ^___^

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I always love hearing about game stuff :-)

And I hope you do make some more video games. If you ever have any coding related questions (or game related questions in general), I'll always try to help!

Re : Character collisions with walls and other barriers. That can be tricky, and subject to various bugs (in my experience it is common for characters to get stuck inside objects).

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